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This man is a predator.He is a wholesale vehicle junk vulture.

Do not buy anything from him. He is a smooth talker but none of his business info is verifiable. Hes under investigation from EBay, and the Internet fraud division of the FBI for interstate fraud . The Florida DMV where he says he is partners with a dealer has no current info on him as valid is also investigating him.

He has many business aliases. Automazing motor group, direct buy motor sports, world auto group. etc google them, he has no verifiable emails , websites or situs addresses. anyone you call to talk to about him is very evasive and uncooperative.

He will not make good on any thing he sells you.He needs to be in jail.

Review about: Vehicle Wholesaler.



obviously nick is still pulling his smooth deals,i would have thought by nowmhe would be serving time or been eliminated,but true ti form his scamming goes on unabated,here`s to thew gullible public,keep on letting this scam artist take advantage.

Clute, Texas, United States #649379

I bought a 1990 Mercedes from this group and regret it.This was back in 2009.

Minor rust was stated and the front end was "Tight". Ended up that the whole front end needed to be rebuilt. When you would stop the car, you could feel one side of the front end move. The rust was supposedly the size of a quarter, try several large spots.

The Odometer was frozen on the car, so true miles were unknown. Paperwork got messed up on car. I was afraid to leave negative feedback without proper paperwork in hand. So my chance to leave feedback expired on Ebay.

Sent certified letter with repairs spent on the "tight" front end. No response. I still have the car, pretty much was forced to keep it. I could have probably bought two good Mercedes for what I spent.

Live and learn.

Hopefully these people are no longer operating.Either they are ignorant on condtions on cars or just down right crooked.


Nick is a piece of sh*t.Called about a car he listed on ebay.

After some haggling we agreed on price for the car and shipping to MA. I paid for a 3rd party auto inspector go to his lot, inspect the car and send me a report (cost $149). Car report came back with a couple minor issues that had to be corrected. Attempted to call Nick for a week afterwards to make sure the issues would be resolved, make payment and setup car shipping.

Never answered his phone or returned my call.Assuming he sold the car to someone else.

to Mark Cumming, Georgia, United States #638979

Wow, there's some pretty wacky characters on here.Based on your comment that you, actually never paid the man for this car what reason do belive entitles you to ownership??

Is it because you paid for an inspection, & therefore that he owed it to you?? I've purchased a lot of cars in my life and I have purchased two cars from these guys and let me tell you you're way off the mark. Some of you people on here are just infantil!!

Nick if you actually ever get a chance to read any of these comments don't let it get to you let these cry babies cry and by the way I'm going to be getting in touch with you cause I need a truck in a few months!!Walter


It's obvious that the two "positive" posts about nick and his company are people he has paid to post comments....he is a *** among do not want to deal with him or his company...sooner or later someone is going to end his life because of his horrendous business practices...he's gonna screw the wrong person and they are going to screw him back...

to Lies Miami, Florida, United States #611648

Who ever posted the bad info on this person.Should be man enough to tell him face to face or leave your name Not bad mouth somone and than hide who you are.

The man has almost 1000 stars on e-bay. How do you think he did that.

You must be a real A..

H...Grow up and settle your deal like a real man face to face.

to Lies Billingham, England, United Kingdom #638982

One comment, as I purchased a car from Nick and his company, all the way from the U.K.And had an exellent and very professional experience!!

[[[[[ People accuse others, of what they "themselves" are doing!!! ]]]] I bet the comments from Mr. Lies, Mr. Criminal, and Mr.

Narducci are probably the same person, that obviously have insecurities, and possibly, erectile disfunction!!

I'm a woman, and probably have more, "you know what" then you whiners!!Cheers!!


I won a vehicle on eBay from direct buy supposedly had 70,000 miles in reality it had 270,00...nick was nice enough to take it back and trade me for a dodge ram with 172,000 miles on it...the delivery man popped a front tire on the vehicle and then held my truck hostage until I payed him 60.00.i then spent 500.00 on new tires and am now over 3,000 extra to fix this piece of *** vehicle which was supposedly in great do not want to buy from this company...nick will tell you his mom died just so you feel sorry for his horrible business practices.he is a criminal!

to Criminal Clute, Texas, United States #649429

Strange enough when I was trying to buy my car, someone was sick or had died.Sounds like a pattern here.

And... maybe there was sickness in the family? I sadly have experienced mine.

But, the conditions of the vehicles seem to be inflated to be better than what they were.Pretty much I spent over $3000 to get the vehicle in the shape it was supposed to be.


I'm going to keep this business like...I purchased a vehicle through direct buy motor sports 7 weeks ago...I haven't received my title or registration as of yet and just want to say that this has been my worst experience ever....swa man apparently doesn't have a clue.....thanks for screwing me nick...

to Michael narducci Clute, Texas, United States #649514

I had problems getting my paper work as well back in 2009.Had to mail it back to them and it was delayed.

Long story.Had to pay more money to run temporary tag to take vehicle to repair shops.


I saw this very nasty comment about someone I had done business with a year or so ago, and just have to put my two cents in.I purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle on ebay from Nick Anagnostopoulos just over a year ago, and have nothing but positive things to say about my experience.

The bike was better than described on his ebay auction, and quite frankly my wife and I thought it was absolutely beautiful, and really like new as he stated. We still have it to this day, and love riding it. I cannot possibly fathom that the person who wrote that nasty comment, actually ever did business with Nick. I always love following his auctions, and see the various cool stuff that they have to offer, and keep seeing his feedback growing with one happy person after another.

So to mr. or mrs. "anonymous" who does not even have the decency to actually state their name, which is probably the best example of a B.S.

statement....grow up, and leave good people well enough alone, because there's an old saying that goes..."People accuse others, of what they themselves are doing!!" J.Myers


BS! This post is obviously an attempt to discredit this dealer, and has no foundation in FACT.

I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Nick, and cannot say enough positive things about him and his organization! He went way above and beyond what any other dealer has done for me in the past, and I highly reccomend him with no reservations.

There is obviously an axe to be ground somewhere between this poster and Nick, but rest assured it has nothing to do with Nick as a dealer or salesman.

I have no affiliation with the dealership, nor relation to it's staff, but lets give credit where due, and not post slanderous comments that are based on personal vendeta.

Aprehension about buying from Directbuy Motorsports?......feel free to contactme with your questions and I'll put your concerns to rest.

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